Sunday, November 20, 2005

Now we are famous

Hey all,

just looked on the blackbeard connection site, we got listed in their 'prikbord' ; translated :

The Quadrancy exist in United Kingdom

an attentive player ` real Quadrancy have found on Internet. For us The Quadrancy component of the project are. In United Kingdom they exist therefore real. By the language barrier they understand not entirely what is to the hand in the Netherlands there. Panic. They know not well what they must do. Reassuring responses from the Netherlands have been meanwhile posted.

Funny, if I read back our posts, we have been worried indeed ...


Anonymous Indiana said...

Hi all,
It's 1 December, the day we will search for the 'treasure'. I think there is no treasure buried here as you mentioned before. We must find the secret hiding place of Gaia. Gaia is IN THE GAME supposed to be related to Blackbeard as he had a dream about her that she would find his log book and would have the ability to read his map, which is based on the Piri Reis map. If we find Gaia's hiding place we will be rewarded.. and maybe it's the amount we will get or just a cup of coffee haha ;-)

So you don't have to worry, maybe just warn Zgrounds (organisation) about using TQ ?


a player
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