Sunday, November 06, 2005

it's been a while

Hey all,

it were busy weeks in the office and because I and most of you didnt see much happening on www.the blackbeard connection .com , no action had to be taken. I have registered myself (actually a dutch mobile friend here at the sea) and it seems they are talking about the old-old Quadrancy... Where our name actually comes from. We heard rumours the families are still active, maybe, maybe not, though the Blackbeard Connection seems to know more about them then we do... How they know they are active?

Again a piece ;

De Quadrancy onderhoudt duistere contacten en breekt in op computers. Digitaal zijn ze ijzersterk en nauwelijks te verslaan. Ze onderscheppen op dit ogenblik berichten van The Blackbeard Connection en breken in op de computer van Interpol die weer verbonden is met de computer van het politiebureau in de Ferdinand Bolstraat in Amsterdam. Zo kunnen ze meekijken met het verzoek van Gaia om het dossier van haar vader te kunnen bekijken.

translated by misses Babel Fish ;

The Quadrancy maintain dark contacts and burgle on computers. Digitally is hardly cover them ijzersterk and. They intercept on this moment report of The Blackbeard Connection and burgle on the computer of interpol which is linked with the computer of the police station in the Ferdinand Bolstraat in Amsterdam. Thus they can look with with the request of Gaia the file of its father be able examine.

If you read a bit through the computerized 1:1 translation, you see The Quadrancy is messing with them. BAD luck they are then, TBBC should not have gone as public as they did! Think we should stay in silence.... For the record... We are another Quadrancy looking for treasures... A nice one... not evil ;)

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

lol, how can you people take this serieus? IT'S A GAME! FICTION! they did some research, came up with some names and used them to make it a little more real. But the story is mainly fiction... i did post earlyer, but you didn't took me very serieus i think.
I am playing this game for a week now, highly entertaining and exciting i must say. the game goes on for another 24 days...

6:27 PM  
Anonymous pjotr said...

Here is a little article from the dutch newspaper 'de telegraaf', where is explained that it is a game. The Quadrancy is also mentioned, but remember, it's a game and it's fiction!

6:34 PM  

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