Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Found it :)

Hi everybody, think we are being fooled :)

People who are actually involved in the TBBC search, found our site and confirmed it is a game. Pjotr directed us to a Dutch article about the project. There are connections to Blackbeard, the history is correct, though a lot has been added for the fictional hunt. The writer must have read about The old-old Quadrancy families from the past, and used it in the online game experience. Maybe we have been a bit naive ;) to think really something is going on. As we know it would not be the first time, we remember there have been 'criminals' calling themselves The Quadrancy in the past.

All well, enjoy the search in the Netherlands! Treasure hunting is a great thing, and when it is sure you will find 50.000 Euro... What more motivation do you need?! Curious whether it will also be one day in England...



Anonymous Frankie said...

Take a look here:



8:30 PM  
Anonymous Peter said...

Interesting. Ok, we are here, The Quadrancy in the Netherlands is part of the game. They looked in some old books and found out about the four families. My question now is... What about the 'other' Quadrancy, not us, but others who have been using the name TQ without morals. Should we, TQ in England become more active on the internet? Put effort in making a website about ourselves?

12:06 PM  
Anonymous Michaela said...

Hi friends,

seems we were a bit to worried about this happening in NL :) Funny we got comments from players, I just googled for quadrancy and ofcourse you find us by now!

to Peter ; Yes, let us talk a bit about how we will enter the internet. Isn't this weblog enough?



4:51 PM  
Anonymous Marc79 said...

Hey John!

The game is interesting, I just looked and now 'The Quadrancy' took over the site. I am wondering, who don't we organize a treasure hunt in here? We prob. know just as much or more as The Blackbeard Connection?


8:51 AM  
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