Monday, October 10, 2005

The situation until now

Most actions related to old lost treasures were mainly by some journalists making a documentary for Discovery Channel / BBC or tourist organizations trying to attrack people to the locations connected to old treasures. These people were not dangerous, innocent, they look around, make some pictures and leave again. So no worries, they do not come close to us, do not really dig, we do not come close to them. So why did some of us who united sympathies within The Quadrancy long time ago are worried now? Why did we decide to go 'public'?

Well, all websites about old treasures are made by these documentary makers, tourist organizations and funded museums for educational purposes. Google Blackbeard for example, and you get a lot of these websites. There is just enough on television, in museums and online about old treasures to satisfy the mass greedy, for decades this has worked very well for the masses... and for us...


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