Monday, October 10, 2005

The Quadrancy

We start this blog for all people in England connected to The Quadrancy. Until now it was not really necessary to become active on the internet. It seems we can't avoid it now... Later more...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear people,

I am not sure if you understand the whole situation with the Blackbeard Connection.

It is just a game ( just like the Nokia Game, you know it? ).
There is no "real treasure" to be found that was part of Blackbeard's Queen Anne or whatever. It is just a made up story, probably based on some true facts.

Hoping that I informed you enough.
I find it nice that it is getting so much attention though.

Greetings "a Blackbeard Connection player"

11:51 AM  
Blogger The Quadrancy said...

Hi Anonymous,

thanks for your comments, didn't see your reaction untill today. I was wondering allready, maybe we are naive to think those things... To long in the world of pirates and treasures I guess!

Enjoy the game!


6:08 PM  

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