Thursday, October 13, 2005

A letter

Thanks for the comments! I also got some through email.
In short : There is something going on in the Netherlands, and looking at the well worked out website, it is not peanuts. As far as I can translate it with Altavista, there is going to be a search to a treasure of 50.000 euro. Can't figure out if they already know the location, or it will be a massive search, the site is to attract people to search, the more searchers, the more chance there is somebody who will find an old lost treasure, and will be rewarded with 50.000 euro. I must admit, I heard rumors before, it is possible something is lying in the Netherlands nobody ever found. Same as in England. As we know, the reason we exist, there is living proof passed on from generations about old treasures which have been lost or hidden in the 17th century, though never found.

Reading the comments of our Quadrancy members, there is worry, but also patience. Let us see where this is going to before we get to excited about it. When TBBC publishes something more about TQ (or about some people saying they are TQ and we also do not know about), if shocking, together we can come up with a letter, introducing ourselves to at least TBBC. Good plan?

Please keep looking at their site, I will do to. If something new appears about us, I will post it here.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Anonymous Peet said...

Patience is a good plan, we have a lot of that ;) The letter we can see then. It is good this blog is at least online for everybody, so when somebody is digging on Quadrancy they find at least this. Peter

8:12 PM  
Anonymous Mary B. said...

Shouldn't we just stay out of this? I mean, they are talking about a game. Did you find out who has been leaking? Or is it just a coincidence? Would be a shame if the VOC parts of the Fleet's Treasure were finally found, but by someone from the outside..

9:04 AM  
Anonymous John said...

Hi Mary & Peter,

think also we should let it be, maybe this blog-thing was a panic action on a big doom scenario. Shall we leave this blog online? Maybe you are right Peter, at least something. The VOC parts, true-ture, maybe we should take action in The Netherlands..

8:56 AM  

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