Thursday, October 13, 2005

A letter

Thanks for the comments! I also got some through email.
In short : There is something going on in the Netherlands, and looking at the well worked out website, it is not peanuts. As far as I can translate it with Altavista, there is going to be a search to a treasure of 50.000 euro. Can't figure out if they already know the location, or it will be a massive search, the site is to attract people to search, the more searchers, the more chance there is somebody who will find an old lost treasure, and will be rewarded with 50.000 euro. I must admit, I heard rumors before, it is possible something is lying in the Netherlands nobody ever found. Same as in England. As we know, the reason we exist, there is living proof passed on from generations about old treasures which have been lost or hidden in the 17th century, though never found.

Reading the comments of our Quadrancy members, there is worry, but also patience. Let us see where this is going to before we get to excited about it. When TBBC publishes something more about TQ (or about some people saying they are TQ and we also do not know about), if shocking, together we can come up with a letter, introducing ourselves to at least TBBC. Good plan?

Please keep looking at their site, I will do to. If something new appears about us, I will post it here.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

One voice

Dear people,

as said, before this thing goes wrong, it is better that we go a bit public.

1. Maybe there are people within The Quadrancy who have other intentions than it was really started for. People with low morals who are violently, greedy after old treasures, active using our name to get away with it...
2. Or maybe The-BlackBeard-Connection makes it all up, a scenario against us to realize a good-bad guy effect for personal reasons.

These two ideas are just crossing my and others mind, we have no idea if any is true, maybe it are none of these, however some of us share the sympathy that The Quadrancy is starting to shine in the dark side. That our silence, our modesty, to be in our own community, is turning against us...

The Question rises ; What to do?

Let us talk about it! Give me/us your suggestions!

Back on the topic

So why go public, that is where I started yesterday. If you read the Altavista translation, it says something about 'The Blackbeard Connection', the official society looking for 300 years for the treasures of Blackbeard. Then they write about us, The Quadrancy, with the main point that we are violent. We violent? What do they base that on?
We are a group of people who, as said before, looking for old treasures. We didn't go public, didn't publish about our activities because we did not have the need to. However now things are changing, 'the others' start to publish about us, they even announce that from November people who join 'the blackbeard connection' can find even more about us on their website! What do they know? They say we do something with Digital Clouds'! Who of us is doing that?

Answering first comment

To answer the first anonymous comment "What is Piggy Dutch?" : You don't know the expression? You ever heard a Dutch person speaking?!? It is said it sounds like pigs talking. Sorry Dutch... You can't help it also ;)

Monday, October 10, 2005

piggy Dutch

Until now... Until one year ago all was fine, we were almost the only one "digging" for gold, as a hobby - of old men ;) - though after the "finding" of QAR half a year ago, more and more people become active in treasure hunting. These 'new' treasure hunters - and even the so called "living families" of the old rich (and pirates) - claim to be the 'good-guys'. To put it short : check , let me know what you think!

(It's piggy Dutch, I used Altavista to translate it... click here)

The situation until now

Most actions related to old lost treasures were mainly by some journalists making a documentary for Discovery Channel / BBC or tourist organizations trying to attrack people to the locations connected to old treasures. These people were not dangerous, innocent, they look around, make some pictures and leave again. So no worries, they do not come close to us, do not really dig, we do not come close to them. So why did some of us who united sympathies within The Quadrancy long time ago are worried now? Why did we decide to go 'public'?

Well, all websites about old treasures are made by these documentary makers, tourist organizations and funded museums for educational purposes. Google Blackbeard for example, and you get a lot of these websites. There is just enough on television, in museums and online about old treasures to satisfy the mass greedy, for decades this has worked very well for the masses... and for us...

The Quadrancy

We start this blog for all people in England connected to The Quadrancy. Until now it was not really necessary to become active on the internet. It seems we can't avoid it now... Later more...